[BookTrib] A Delicious Debut on Family, Food and Finding Your Way

Thank you so much to Rebecca at BookTrib for reviewing “Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune” as one of their buzzworthy books!

In this journey of discovery and transformation, the author Roselle balances the bitterness of losing a loved one with the sweet development of new relationships, and the quirky elements of magical realism in Natalie’s cooking. As classically illustrated in Like Water for Chocolate, there’s just something about the combination of cooking and magical realism that mixes beautifully in a story. Natalie’s food has the power to instill particular feelings in those that try it. For example, Natalie’s Arroz Caldo serves as comfort food, but more than simply satisfying Celia’s hunger, it conjures cherished memories. Natalie’s dish reminds her of “snuggling under afghans with my mother,” ushering nostalgia and pure happiness in just a spoonful of porridge. In addition to playing with the fun conventions of magical realism in food, a delectable new romance unfurls in the background of the story as Natalie opens her mind and heart up to her community.

Roselle Kaes